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Reiki Master/Teacher, Producer & Multidisciplinary Creative


Arts Educator, Spoken Word Artist & Entrepreneur


Author | Photographer

Sheena aka Sheena Dennise

Reiki Master/Teacher, Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Spiritual Mentor


Marriage Officiant & Immigration Transition Management


Yoga Teacher & Crystal Healer


Yoga Teacher for Adults & Children, HR Consultant


Astro Counsellor | Career Advisor


Intuitive, Clairaudient & Healer

Sheena began her spiritual journey over 20 years ago, not knowing it was already in her blood. She is a powerful conduit, sharing insightful messages at the right time. Always attuned to the unexplained, supernatural and ethereal, Sheena was unknowingly tapping into her ancestral knowledge before she even realized what was happening. Gone are the days when she used to be teased about her esoteric interests – those same people now call to discuss their dreams, goals and feelings. 


Sheena Ewan is a Black queer (bi) womxn (pronouns are she/her) of Jamaican heritage. She is a Toronto-based Reiki teacher, intuitive astrologer, PSYCH-K® practitioner, spiritual mentor, writer, creator, founder of Raw Redemption, an intentional living product line, and co-founder of Roots Movement Retreats – a self-care retreat for those desiring to immerse themselves in their healing. She is studying for her Level II Canadian Astrologer certification with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE), was recently certified in the PSYCH-K® Level I. She displayed her first solo visual art show in 2018.​Having experienced barriers to accessible and inclusive wellness options or spaces, she opened OnePeopleTO in the summer of 2019. OnePeopleTO is a spiritual hub that promotes, invites and celebrates Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour artisans, entrepreneurs, and healing practitioners so compensation for their talents is systematized and normalized.


Sheena's offering includes corporate Reiki and/or morning meditation packages, Usui Reiki training, speaking engagements, art workshops, astrology and/or tarot parties, energy healing, spiritual mentorship, intentional living products. With experience in childhood trauma, Sheena is skilled at holding space for those who are working through their own trauma towards subsequent transformation. She encourages clients to take healing into their hands by becoming an expert of their own mind and body to foster an empowered relationship with traditional medical health-care models. This often means exploring and honouring their inner life or past experiences to build resilience and redefine the lens through which they see the world.

You can visit her website here.


HR Consultant | Yoga Instructor | Life Coach with NLP Training

Imesia Ewan-Tulloch (CYT, CHRP) is a certified yoga instructor with over 1000 teaching hours. She is focused on providing corporate leadership development, coaching and training; amassing nearly 20 years working in the corporate space. Imesia has held various mid and upper management roles from Job Coach and Trainer in not-for-profit social enterprises to

Human Resource Manager for one of the oldest hotels in Toronto.

She also teaches for a non-profit organization, New Leaf Yoga (@newleafyoga) whose work brings

yoga and mindfulness programming into the education and prison system.

She is a first-time mom of a chunky 4-month-old boy and is keen to share herself and

her experiences with both first-time mothers and mamas of many.

Imesia returned to teaching her regular weekly karma yoga class at her home studio Modo Yoga Square One at 3 months postpartum and loves the opportunity to chat about nutrition, mindfulness, leadership and self-care with her students and others.

In 2012, she attended her Level I Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal through Modo Yoga International. Following that, in late 2014, she travelled to Los Angeles to complete the Modo Flow Certification. She has trained, studied and applied

Co-Active Coaching in her work and personal life since her training in 2010.


Reiki Practitioner | Performer | Creative Collaborator

At the tender age of 9, Lionel began a healing and spiritual journey after a tragic loss. 

Digging into his African roots, ancestral knowledge and self-development would transform him and help realize the oneness of the world, as well as the energies that rule it. After spending his formative years in central Africa, Lionel went on to live in France, from where he traveled numerous countries including India (Auroville most notably) in 2013: a trip that would change his life spiritually. 

In 2017 in Paris, after a random conversation with a friend, "Reiki came to Lionel", leading him to pass his level I with encouragements from the Master Reiki teacher back then who felt the high vibrations of her student.


His desire to help others is the main reason he pursued Reiki, and noticed Reiki only encouraged his own self development and inner contentment. With that awareness, Lionel sought out a Reiki Teacher upon emigrating to Toronto and Level II passed in 2018 with his new Reiki Master Teacher, Sheena Dennise.

Trained in IT and creative entrepreneurship, Lionel is always keen on creating positive and

thoughtful spaces, and help people elevate themselves.


In April 2019, Lionel was invited to perform at Fashion Art Toronto and recently released his first album on May 21 2020.

You can follow and support his work by downloading his innovative and inspirational album on Spotify or iTunes.


Transition Consultant | Marriage Officiant

Valrie Ewan has had over 40 years experience with the Canadian federal government

in the employment and immigration sectors wearing many hats:

- Allocated funding for startups as a Small Business Program Officer
- Facilitated hiring, training and running the HRDC Summer Student Employment Centres as a manager
- Audited small businesses who received funding as Program Coordinator
- Worked with local farmers for the migrant farmer's program as an Immigrant Officer
- Adjudicated appeals for employment insurance as an Employment Officer

She also performed various roles in her union from Stewardship to President PSAC/CEIU.

As a result of her professional experience combined with her natural interest in immigration (partly due to her own personal journey emigrating to Canada in 1970) and her incessant desire to keep active, as she neared retirement, she completed

the Immigration Consultant program at Humber College in 2012.


An avid hiker, completing the Ontario Bruce Trail hiker's challenge with her women's groups through her former workplace, church and charitable organizations, she still finds time to volunteer at her local hospital gift shop, care for her 92-year-old mom and travel extensively.

She's been to Dubai, South Africa, Cape Verde, Portugal, Israel, Venezuela, Aruba, Honduras, Mexico, England, France, Trinidad, Grenada, across Canada, Jamaica and the United States etc. and she's got more on her list to check off!


Married for over 45 years and belonging to the United Church of Canada for almost the same amount of time, in 2013 she was called to officiate marriages.  Over that time she has performed over 50 marriages including those of interfaith and LGBT identities. She has also given sermons at her church at the request of her current minister while he is in absentia.


You can schedule a meeting with Val to assist you with transition management like filing for CPP, OAS and EI as well as assistance with EI or pension appeals. Or if you're getting married in or outside of a church, Val would be happy to connect with you 

via phone first for a 15-minute consultation to assess your needs.

Availability Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.



F.A.C.E.S. stands for fashion, art, creativity, entertainment and services is the global brand development group. F.A.C.E.S. invests time, resources and services in the many fields of fashion, art, creativity, entertainment and luxury goods.


We believe luxury can be achieved by anyone who has the drive, passion and determination to succeed and F.A.C.E.S. wants to help them reach their goals.


By providing our customers with the right guidance, support and knowledge, we believe our clients will see increased global awareness and residual growth by streaming their business and brands. They will also save money and time by following our financial and development plans.

AL James


AL James is the CEO and Founder of F.A.C.E.S.Toronto, since 2017, but has been a lover of music, finance and fashion all his life. He has been the co-manager/manager, creative director and visionary for artists, models, t.v. personalities and actors, who are currently growing their brands. Currently, he represents Borelson, Casiano, Keontay Brown, Deangelo (d.aftrdrk) and Nickeshia Garrick. Past clients have been Nadia Stone and A.L._D.O.E.X. Growing up as a singer himself, through the church circuit and singing with Toronto Mass Choir, who won a Juno. He has become very knowledgeable about the music business, finance and fashion industries. But he continues to strive to grow his knowledge base. For fun, he loves to swim, read and cook.

Jehmol Barnes


As the co-CEO and founder of F.A.C.E.S.Toronto, he is the creative side of the brand. Currently, he represents musical artist Duvaughntae. Jehmol is also an artist in his own right. He stage name is A.L. D.O.Ex, Anthony Lee Done Only In Excellence, as an homage to his biggest musical inspiration, his father who also inspired him to DJ as he was one under bodyguard sound, the man that gave him the middle name that was also a homage to his brother who died. Rapper singer songwriter producer and much more, raised in the Westend of North York Ontario, A.L. D.O.Ex

showcases his open ear in production and his love for all things hip hop and RnB in his vocal delivery. He plans on merging the realms of old school & new school to bring a more harmonious relationship between generations.

Shanèl Dear

Yoga Teacher | Crystal Healer

I turned to yoga as a way to disconnect from my busy life and slow down. I decided to break generational curses in my West Indian heritage and put my self-care first. My yoga practice led me to crystals which have enhanced my daily vibrations. I am a self-certified crystal healer and a certified 200-hour yoga teacher.  I have also taken various crystal courses, my goal is to help others integrate crystals into their daily lives. In my classes, I  aim to help students manifest good energy and leave feeling more whole. 

301-14 Irwin Avenue
Toronto ON M4Y 1K9


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