Mid-July 2020 | Third Quarter Moon of Cancer Season '20

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The cards used: Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland

The Lenormand Deck by Katz & Goodwin

The African American Tarot by Jamal R. - Thomas Davis

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For now, enjoy the few days of rest before the new moon. That is if you can slow down.


Hi. Thank you for being here. (sighs) If you don't know me, my name is Sheena.

I'd like to start out by saying that today is July 16th, the time is 2:58 pm. And this is kind of stream of consciousness recording. I will be doing more of this. I'm being called to do more of it and it hasn't felt comfortable. It still doesn't feel comfortable but I have to step through the discomfort (smile).

And allow myself to be received without trying to manipulate the receiving. It is my intention that you receive SOMETHING out of this and that's why you've connected with me or why you've clicked here to be here, why you're seeing my face.

So I do many things. I do many things. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, I do astrology; I just completed my second level exam with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE). I have been a tarot reader for over twenty years.

I also work with - I work in the university environment. In the post-secondary program that helps mature students to access post-secondary (opportunities) who may have experienced barriers in their education... and barriers that have been a result of... or results in trauma.

Yeah, I just do many things. I am a sister, I'm a daughter, I am a spiritualist, I'm a mentor... I am a mental health advocate, I'm a healer, I'm a Black woman. I am a cisgender, queer Black woman.

And I am multi-faceted. And I am beautiful in so many ways.

So I'd like to start out by sharing something I wrote March 18 2014. This is very short but it seems ike it's aligned with the times. So this is, while a stream of consciousness, also like an energy reading, I'll speak a little bit about the astrology of what's happening right now. Hopefully, I won't go too over time. Probably about 15 minutes. Or will aim to be there.

"It seems that these days I am so afraid of writing.

I just can't seem to allow the words to flow.

It's like I can't guarantee it won't be safe.

I won't be safe.

'It would be better to keep it all inside my head, I can do that.'

I'm sure I've thought that over a thousand times.

Being silent would save me somehow. When it seems like the silence has drawn me down and away.

Further from myself and my voice. So far I didn't recognize my dreams as my own.

I pushed away my inner desires and (innate) beliefs.

And made others' dreams my own.

I now feel like new.

There are so many choices and opportunities.

I want to do it all."

And it's interesting because at this (point in) time, I know that in fact I was actually about to being filing for welfare. That's something I've... and no it wasn't a long period of time, but regardless that was probably one of the most demeaning experiences that I've ever had. And I've wanted to shed that and hide it away. Just like so many other things. And so I just wanted to share that with you. That little piece...

...because it feels like we're coming to the space of not wanting to do that anymore. And also recognizing how much that has actually hurt us.

And what we need to do to stop doing that.

And so it feels like this third quarter moon in the season of Cancer... coming to the end of Cancer season with all that we've been learned. With this extended time of Mercury being in Cancer, retrograding in Cancer... having us, asking us, requiring us to really investigate, go deep, dive deep... feel out our feelings so that we can come back up to the surface and say what it is that we need... to communicate and not with the expectation that we will receive what we need. But that by articulating we are more really telling OURSELVES and then making the choices and decisions to align in the spaces that hold us fully.

And with no exception or excuse.

And this third-quarter moon, with any quarter moon, we come into this space of a crisis of consciousness and need to act. And knowing that we cannot act just yet. We are compelled/called to sit with our feelings right now. And how painful... we may... painful experiences we may be processing. Particularly related to home. And home being the physical space, our physical bodies, home representing the mother, the homeland, our relationship to motherhood whether we ourselves are mothers or not, regardless of gender. How we nourish and nurture others and how we allow ourselves... or find spaces where we are nourished and nurtured and whether or not they have existed for us before this time. And how we can construct those spaces now.

And so with this new moon coming up on July 20th, this new moon... New Blue Moon in Cancer is asking us to now (soon) plant seeds... seeds of awareness, seeds of intention. With new learnings that we've had around what it is that we know we want and need and desire to feel supported.

And that is also requiring vulnerability from us. And maybe acknowledging the spaces and the appreciation for the spaces where we CAN find love and support.

Also committing (this love) to ourselves finding this love and support within us first and foremost. Always.

So we'll draw a card. Or a few before I end.

I have a few new decks so this deck (I'll put it in the box below) is Yasmin Boland's Moonology Oracle Cards. Very fitting for the astrology. We'll just pull out one (shuffles). Show me what you would like me to know, us to know, us to hear, be open to...

Hmmm, so we have the new moon in Aquarius which is coming up on August 3rd? No... August 18th, yes. The full moon is on August 3rd. So this card says "Bring love into the situation" as does Aquarians do. We are taught to express from space of gratitude, understanding and love. So how do we bring love into our situations that we're trying to resolve?

So I did have a card that flew out but I'll grab another. The card that flew out is the King of Wands. Or sorry the Knight of Wands, so... Is it the Knight? These are new cards so I have to ... this is the African American Tarot that I'm using. So let's actually look up the other card so we have two... We do have the King actually. The King of Wands.

We also have the Five of Wands. So the King represents someone who is very passionate, direct, confident, ready to speak their beliefs... and experiences and understanding and knowing. The Five of Wands represents... can represent petty conversations, petty arguments, conflicting ideas.

And then finally, The Fool. Taking risks (sigh).

And then I'll pull one final from the Lenormand Deck (shuffles). We have the sun, although it was reversed, I will bring it upright to really bring in the energy that we are all seeking. The sunrise, the horizon. The new beginning. It's coming. We know it. We can't fight it. We just need to bring love into the situation.

First and foremost, love for ourselves and what it is that we need. And then, self love by communicating what it is that we need. Others can't... not necessarily give us but be aware of what we need if we cannot articulate it. And so what do you need in/at this moment? What do you need to love yourself? To feel (the) love? To feel nourishment? To give it to yourself, first and foremost, and then to be able to communicate that (holds up hands as a container) to your family, beloved ones, chosen family, family of origin, and then our global family.

Sending you lots of love and blessings and light. I hope that these next few days of darkness as well go into the new moon is illuminating and illustrating where you need to step up and step in.

Sending you lots of love and light and just a transmission of peace, direction and guidance.

Much love & many blessings always. I appreciate you.

Sheena Ewan (she/her) | Owner/Operator

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