and one day onepeopleto was born...

It's been coming for a while. This space. This community.

I won't mention any names but about ten years ago I discovered this spiritual centre in Toronto. I loved going there to check out new finds, introducing friends there and getting sessions. About four years of being a regular client, I wanted to attend an event they were hosting. I called the front desk and the employee told me it was full, but it wouldn't be a problem that I attend and she would call me back if anything. The next day she called me back and said I would normally be able to attend but because I hadn't been before, I wouldn't be allowed to attend this one.

I get it in a way. Even though I wasn't new to the community, buying products and treatments are different from attending energy circles. But in another way, it felt off. And I was turned off.

Maybe because it wasn't the first time something like that had happened and I brushed it off as not worth my time. This time something in me activated: "I will build a community that's more inclusive!".

Last year sometime, I went on the hunt for a business space to host my own clients. I offer reiki sessions and classes, tarot and/or astrology readings and spiritual wellbeing products. I've been reading professionally for nine years and have had the spiritual lifestyle product business since 2014. A lot of times, I go to client's homes or they come to me, but not everyone feels comfortable going to a practitioner's home. And as an energy worker, you can be sure I don't want random energy in mine either. Maybe a bit harsh, but SO damn true with the work I do!

The place I found was perfect. It was in one of favourite parts of the city - Baldwin Village and it was my number - 13. Upon getting an inspection and about ready to put the offer in, a meeting was requested by the landlord between themselves, myself and the current business owner. The

landlord and his father asked me standard questions about my business, my current position in an academic institution and then it started to get weird. Or maybe just racist.

Questions like "What did your grandmother do for money?", "What is spiritual, what does that mean?", "Are you a church?", comments like "I don't want a church in my building", "I don't like those woo-woo people - that's bullshit" and other nuanced and directly abrasive phrases.

After that, I became even more committed to the vision of providing a healing and respectful space that houses and promotes businesses of local BIPOC artists, artisans, entrepreneurs & creatives.

I hope you'll share the love and join the community.

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