February 2020 | Energy Update

Updated: May 13, 2020

OnePeopleTO officially opened on July 31st 2019. Over the last several months, we've been navigating the new business, adjusting the model to fit our intention and aligning with strategic partners to create an impact.

As such, there are some things we want to clarify:

  1. We host events for EVERYONE in the Toronto/GTA community.

  2. There WILL be events that are Black or People of Colour only.

  3. These events will clearly state IF events are for BIPOC only. Otherwise, do know all events are open to all communities wanting to pay for, learn from and understand more of themselves in healing environment.

  4. While anyone can rent space from OnePeopleTO, the BIPOC community will be given priority for accessible, PYWC and sliding scale events.

  5. This means those who can afford to rent at full rental rates should know that they are providing opportunities for low-cost initiatives.

Hopefully this month you'll find a Black History Month event to attend

whether it's at OnePeopleTO or elsewhere.

Now for the energy and cosmic update for February 2020:


There is a belief that each leap year holds the potential for inner intense transformation, soul evolution & high level (i.e., long term, big picture) spiritual planning. This changes occur on the inside FIRST, and the following year is when those changes are externalized. The last three leap years were 2016, 2012, 2008. If you think back, did you experience energetic shifts calling you to be less subject to your past conditioning and more empowered to seek and speak your truth?


As of tomorrow, February 1st, we'll be in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. While the retrograde officially begins on Tuesday February 18th, we're probably starting to feel the slow down and things popping up NOW to be addressed in this retrograde cycle. The Rx period ends on March 9th, but we won't be out of the shadow and in the clear until Sunday, March 29th. This is a great time to review contracts, revise or adjust your expectations and allow yourself to be guided to who or what needs YOU first.


This transit doesn't happen often, but when it does we'll feel inspired to find the right places and spaces to activate our soul direction and desires. If there is any sort of misalignment or incongruence, you'll feel the need to move yourself into spaces that speak to your wellness, spirituality and connection over any financial or social endeavours. This transit is calling for more depth in your worldly works and vocational calling. The last time this transit was exact was June 2011 and before that October 2007. In 2020, we'll have THREE exact aspects, one on Feb 20, July 27 and finally October 12. So don't be surprised that you'll be especially motivated this year to find your SOUL CREW and vibrate along with them to create MAGICK in your corner of the world. Gravitate to where you vibrate highest. This is also a reminder that vibrating "high" doesn't always mean love, light and positivity, but being your best self by being authentic with who you are. Authenticity feels the BEST, even when you're not feeling your greatest.

There's always more astrology to discuss, but I'll cap it there. Maybe I'll see you on February 23rd between 1-4pm for the next edition of Astrology For Success just prior to the Pisces New Moon.

Sending you lots of love & blessings,

Sheena | OnePeopleTO Owner/Operator

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