July 4 2020 | A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 13° | A Channelled Memorandum

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

“I don’t want to lose the life and home/family I’ve built, toiled and snared for.”

MARK MY WORDS, by not acknowledging your place in society and what that has or has not afforded you you will lose it anyway. It may take decades or centuries but it will come. And the longer it takes, the more it will hurt. Like pulling barbed wire out of the skin - we must. And the further in the damage, the longer we resist and try to ignore and medicate the pain, the more it will and does hurt everyone. Just because you claim you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean you don’t. In fact, you are likely the most intoxicated of us all. You cannot walk away unscathed now and you may resent it, but that is your work to do. Do not put it on anyone else. Work with it. Sit with it and look at it from all sides. Investigate what meanings come up for you. Delegate to yourself like the Capricorian CEO you are somewhere in your body and aura.

My AMAZING GRACE for everyone is withering and dying. In order to honour that next step wholly and fully, individually and as a collective, WE MUST MOURN NOW. I must mourn now. However brief, we must take the time to mourn. To feel the grief in our bodies, particularly as Black peoples, it is IMMENSE. But at a certain point, we must feel it in order to let it go. Just an ounce, a teaspoon at a time. Mourn.

We do not want to stay sick and that means we cannot continue walking on, leaving our siblings behind. Leaving ourselves behind. Those we ignore and minimize will come back for theirs and so they should. And their response at that time will be more than VALID, if overdue. Stay humble if you’re being checked.

We will all have a JUDGEMENT DAY (aka awakening). It will come as sure as death. But before death, she will come to reap all of the seeds of joy, love and also the oppression and injustice you have sown. Do you know where you threw those seeds in the soil not thinking they would grow? Carelessly? Thoughtlessly? But someone, some innocent animal picked it up thinking it was nourishment. Your seeds of senselessness. Your seeds of abject conditioning.

Am I religious? No. In the laws of the Universe, we all know that YOU MUST DO RIGHT. And that is not only to some who look like you, think like you, or act like you.

If you’re lucky, you realize early enough in life to initiate conversations to make atonements WITH NO EXPECTATIONS for past mistakes. In this lifetime AND lifetimes past because we SHOULD ALL KNOW that we live off more than just our ancestors’ names). Intentionally set things right if you served injustices in your past. It is never easy. No, it is not. But it is worth it. If anything to not carry that weight around with you still. It is the first step to letting go, releasing and holding onto the OLD WAY. And fuck, it’s painful for us all. So do the work to let go. Don’t you see how your needing-to-do-the-work is affecting me?! Affecting us all?

I don’t believe in sins, but we know what HARM is and what it does. HARM IS NOT JUST AN ACTION. HARM IS ALSO INACTION. DENIAL. DISMISSAL. MINIMIZING....

...the very real anger, pain, grief and sorrow that has been laid bare for us all. To acknowledge it is not enough. YOU MUST ATONE. To atone is more than to apologize. To atone is your apology IN ACTION. Your way of being CHANGED.

YES. CHANGED. YOUR WHOLE WAY OF BEING. Because you have learned how you held yourself hurt not only you, but others too. (Once you know, intentionally inflicting harm whether to yourself or another is a level of self-harm we cannot address appropriately here, but plan to.)

Did you notice you were hurting? Did you notice you were hurting others too? Did you care? Did you go on as if your actions/inactions were “your business”? Did you act as if your actions/inactions affected only you? And only you deserved acknowledgment, validation, of wrongdoing and the everyday consciousness to SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY than you did before. It takes work and perhaps the intention to put yourself through the GRINDR (so to speak) to take care of you like we all have learned to do - UNDER DURESS. But we did it nonetheless, and so can you. By taking care of you, you need to remember your atonement to and by taking care of your responsibilities and commitments to the COLLECTIVE.

This work is for everyone EVERYWHERE. You cannot hide and dismiss the importance of your allegiances and SHADOW any longer.

Let July 4th be a reminder.

There's always more to discuss, but I'll cap it there.

Hope I'll see you on JULY 12th at 1-3pm for the next edition of

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Sending you lots of love & blessings,

Sheena | OnePeopleTO Owner/Operator

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