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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

"...the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason & plot."

For most of the reign of the current world leader of the United States, I've been referencing the above quote from a poem about Guy Fawkes' attempt to incinerate Britain's House of Lords. Particularly because it reminds of the opening scene of V for Vendetta, the 2006 film featuring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, where a brash, conservative English TV talk show host speaks about how the United States is in ruin due to greed, pompous arrogance and shady political deals. Check it out if you haven't seen it (Trigger Warning: racist, xenophobic, homophobic comments at the end of the clip).

Don't get me wrong, I love the United States and have a LOT of family there, so I would never want to see our neighbours in ruin. That said, if you want my delineation and projection for the 2020 U.S. Election and 2021-2024, I'll be sharing it on my blog tomorrow morning. Now, let's move onto the recent cosmic events and how they will colour the new cycles of growth.

The recent full moon in Taurus acted like lightning striking the tower (structures, organizations & societal beliefs) to reveal the truth, the crumbling foundation that is no longer productive, useful or progressive. Anything that can no longer sustain you will become apparent and beg you to take action to have a hand in creating the ideal future with the available resources that you (and most likely you alone at the beginning) will bring to fruition. This growing illumination by way of recent and unexpected emotional cues highlights where the pinpoint of our focus should be as it will become larger, brighter and clearer in the next two weeks.

Taurus, the sign of values, possessions & income, conjunct Uranus, the planet of shock, revolution, rebellion and unpredictability, opposing the sun in Scorpio, the sign of the underworld, the occult, sex, death, taxes, other people's resources & past lives, will have us scrambling (because of the urgent nature of the full moon) to secure our homes, possessions and tangible values that make us feel safe and stable.

Of course, at present, we all have our eye on the United States election and the impending changes (or perhaps lack of change) and tectonic shifts that rumble beneath our feet. As I alluded to in the May 2020 blog post, I believe the U.S. justice system and governmental powers (which reflect global governments and authority) will attempt to entrench the "sacred values" of the current United States Constitution much to the chagrin of those who have been historically and disproportionately affected by the pursuit of basic human and equitable rights. Those who have now come on board to assist these traditionally marginalized groups will also feel compelled to do more than they have in the past. The divisions will continue to become clearer within communities while synergetic support systems will also strengthen the resolve on both sides of the field. That is something to be aware of. Just as a knife is sharpened, so is the tool.

The question with this full moon and for the month of November is:

"Now that I know how my values have changed/are changing, what do I need to do to reveal, re-establish, rehaul and/or restructure my foundation, home & family dynamics so that I feel safe, stable and secure in my life going forward?"

Each lunation continues to reverberate and reveal information well after the initial day of the full expression; for two weeks until the new moon, for the next month until the next full moon and the next six months until the next new moon in the same sign. This is why we look back to the corresponding new moon in Taurus to see how we have grown wiser since April 22, 2020. Reflect on just how much has changed, evolved and deepened with regard to your personal sense of value, worth, security, stability and how what home means is changing for you. For everyone.

Below are brief insights into what your sign will be experiencing for the next two weeks and what you'll want to continue to review for the next six months:

Scorpio (Happy Birthday Scorpio babes!)

This full moon phase in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicates that YOU are in the spotlight, particularly with partners, romantic and business alike. You are being asked to invest more time into these areas and it is likely that you are needing to reassess whether or not these relationships, situations or jobs are still where you want to be if you're truly going to invest more of yourself. The most pressing issue is what YOU want and IF you want to do the work needed to achieve the security you seek. It seems that by November 30, you decide to further eliminate or refine elements of your daily life.


This full moon phase in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicates that your daily life, your work/life balance, diet & exercise habits, general health and pets come into focus here. Something is demanding more commitment from you and it very well could be your own body alerting you to changes that you need to make to heal, to sustain your wellbeing and strengthen your ability to continue to serve and share your craft. The most pressing issue is that you are receiving signs whether in your dreams, through therapy or in solitude; no need to activate them yet. Witness and record them and then gear up for the changes when the eclipses hit your personal and partnership houses at the end of November and mid-December.


This full moon phase in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicates that your ability to give and receive pleasure and make time for fun whether through sex, sexuality, creativity, children and/or accessing your own inner child needs becomes challenged. You may realize how important these above topics are for you when you receive information that puts you at odds with the gap in personal pleasure or enjoyment. The most pressing issue is understanding that prioritizing your ability to tap into this realm of creation will help to open other doors to greater streams of income. By the end of November, you may establish a new routine that incorporates this commitment.


This full moon phase in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicates that as you continue to dismantle old ways of working - think strategic instead of exertion - you'll come upon an idea that can help you to solidify your new or recently built structures so you can jump from this life to the next. You will be challenged to rise up visibly in society so that you can ground down in the establishment of your truth and see how that benefits your home & family. That theme of quantum jumping (manifesting quicker than ever before) will present itself more strongly now as you supported by Pluto and Saturn in your 12th house eliminate psychological processes & beliefs that have held you back. The most pressing issue is how healing your relationship with your own mother and motherhood roles, whether or not you are a mother, will help to heal this connection to your home and your body. By the end of November, you'll have evidence of the work you've done in this realm to move forward.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated changes in your local community, short distance travel, relationships with siblings, cousins, neighbours, you are being asked to think to listen to others about the possibilities of how your destiny regarding your home, homeland or property will require a further change in the near future. You receive a glimpse of this now before the solar eclipse in Sagittarius where you may begin to implement these changes while also acquiring a new opportunity that provides the inspiration or freedom you're seeking. Your faith, beliefs, spiritual values and even fantasies or illusions about yourself and others may be challenged at this time, however as it's possible that you receive unexpected news from someone in your past, something you thought was over and done with, something you've kept hidden or something that has been kept from you is now becoming exposed. Take care of your health as well as those around you.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated that you are receiving information that relates to your income-related matters, how much you bring in, whether or not you are satisfied with it and the way you bring in those dollars, pesos or pounds. This also affects your sense of value in a way that is deeply related to your foundational roots, what you need to feel secure, even if it's a false sense of security. Now with the Sun in Scorpio, you can clearly see your debt - spiritual, financial or otherwise - and the emotional price and/or impact on your value, whether you rate that by what's in your bank or what's in your heart & soul. The benefit is that with Mars still in Aries (going direct on November 13), you'll have a bit of drive left to push forward with the overhaul of your career since 2008, 2012, 2016 and more recently 2020. Be mindful not to overdo it though.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated it's very possible that you receive information that shocks, rocks or unsettles you to the core. Very likely to do with your significant relationships you regard as "home"; your romantic partner, best friend, employer, competitor, frenemy or any contractual agreement and the illumination of how their secrets or classified information affect you. Very likely there is talk of boundaries, whether a lack of or a need to enforce stronger parameters, escapism, fantasy, illusion, deception and/or nebulousness with regards to community groups, humanitarian causes, social issues, social media and the internet. You may have an opportunity to leverage your own role in the communities you frequent where you feel motivated to communicate or impart wisdom with regards to your destiny and your purpose in this lifetime rather than focus on your personal truth, lived experiences or spiritual beliefs.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated it's possible that some information related to your daily life, how you live and serve not only yourself but others through your vocational work, which may have to do with healing, health, wellbeing, diet, exercise, medical matters and the like, will be exposed unexpectedly. This could actually be something of a healing salve to your career that brings your destiny, life purpose and fate related to your persona and identity into the limelight. The conversations that come up now are a precursor to the solar eclipse in your opposite partnership sign of Sagittarius, the otherworldly explorer, discoverer and philosopher, where you will be asked to not fall into old patterns or habits. Do not be deceived by something that seems familiar even if it appears as "different" as could be. It may be something you need to accept and in that case, know that you may be "tested" as to how deeply you have changed.


It's possible that this full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus had you responding to unexpected emotional changes in the house of friends, groups and social media. It's possible that your focus on your own pleasure pursuits indicates a palpable need for emotion and compassion in the places where you go as an individual to become part of a group and how that changes now. Your focus is on your ability to give and receive pleasure through sex, sexuality, creativity, favourite pastimes, your child/children, or your own inner child needs and it should be. Indirectly, this offers healing with regard to your truth, your faith journey and spiritual beliefs. Very likely because of that you will be asked or guided to walk towards your destiny by incorporating and communicating about your past and your childhood as opposed to bypassing that and going straight into the daily practices you've learned that sustain you and your wellbeing.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated that unexpected and emotionally activated changes in your career will prompt you to make changes in your home environment, whether cutting expenses or figuring out what you need to make your space workable. Very likely with many people working from home, space, noise and competing priorities may cost you a contract or job. Alternatively, you may feel squeezed and compelled to change aspects of your career that then impact your home life, whether by adding more mystical or healing elements to your title, talking about traditionally taboo topics like sex, death, money and/or whatever is particularly personal to your personal story. There is some further healing that can be brought into your home life if you tap into fantasy, illusion, mysticism, the spiritual realm and even the possibility to tap into other people's resources; benefits from family, employers, partners or significant friends are possible now.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated changes in your belief system based on your lived experiences, your personal truth, spirituality, faith and education could have rocked you, your home, hometown, home country, siblings, cousins, neighbours, short distance travel and any relationship to these topics. Since Taurus rules your house of spirituality, it is very likely you have been deeply challenged to maintain your faith against a changing background of everything you learned through your early conditioning, through your childhood and upbringing becoming revealed as nuanced, layered, possibly dark, deceptive, manipulative and shadowy. The fortunate part of this cosmic conversation is that this reveal will heal your house of partnerships, romantic, business, friendships and any contractual agreements which could end up benefitting your career.


This full moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus indicated that your house of other people's resources whether through a partnership, employer or family presented an unexpected and possibly emotionally shocking envelope of information that you were not privy to until now. This is likely in response to your income, your ability to receive payment for the work you do, how you feel about it and if the work and salary align with your personal beliefs, purpose and mission. If it doesn't you'll be making the choice to move out of there or not move in at all. This could create pressure on you because of how your home needs to change at this time and the impending change may be well already. With the Mercury Rx at the tail end of your sign, there are very personal changes related to your home life you may be ready to communicate soon (by Nov 19). These changes may be very well related to Mars, the planet of assertion and drive, currently retrograde in your partnership sign until November 13, and Chiron, the asteroid of life experience wounds also here transforming your relationships to others, to your anger and to your pain.

May this recent full moon continue to bless you with awareness, inspiration and direction.

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