The Astrological U.S. 2020 Election Saga

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Generally, I stay away from making outright predictions or at least sharing them. I'm deeply aware of the power of perspective and that sometimes sharing it can sway people to or away from a viewpoint that can be irreconcilable. The fact that is we live with irreconcilable viewpoints and differences every day; we need to allow space for people to be wrong if it means they speak up.

We've seen this past year how speaking up and speaking out can be a sensitive and vulnerable act of self-exposure. It's especially challenging to use your voice when you know you don't espouse a popular opinion, however, that is how inaccurate beliefs and old ways of thinking secure the commitment to the status quo. We can learn to share our ideas, opinions and spaces without any expectation of having to fall in line with someone else's way of being. That said, below is my interpretation of what this election will bring and how it will colour the next few years.

First, let's look at the meta-view and travel back to 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of significant partnerships for the United States - yes, each country has the qualities of its astrological sign just like a person, business or animal. That means that the U.S. is a Cancer sun sign with a Sagittarius ascendant and an Aquarian moon. This might indicate that the Sun, representing our identities, in Cancer suggests a focus on home, homeland(s), familial relations and an innate need to nourish and provide for others by protecting, sheltering and loving. As with anything, there is a double-edged sword and so Cancer energy can also become the overbearing parent ready to attack if they sense danger. Alternatively, Cancer can present as caring and loving but once given the opportunity may demonstrate an inability or resistance to revealing emotional vulnerability. With a Sagittarius ascendant, the forwardmost face and persona of the United States are as different and varied as the immigrant lives, stories and visions that make up the U.S. Those who dream of a better future by discovering and exploring new lands or opportunities to learn and expand are attracted by the public persona of this nation. The Aquarian Moon provides insight into the communication abilities, interest in innovation, technology and mind control. The United States is a living, breathing entity just like any individual or company and so, the cycles of change are upon the land as well as the people who invested in the future of the country, which happens to include the rest of the world, whether directly or indirectly.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama made history becoming the first Black person to hold the highest office in the United States of America, the forgotten "Land of the Free". At the same time, the financial structures in the United States and across the world would collapse sending the largest governments, world officials and global organizations into a freefall. Every four years of this sixteen-year cycle would present another chapter to the story. In 2012, Obama was re-elected to the dismay of many Americans and yet also to the relief of many Americans.

In 2016, I predicted what most did not expect - for Number 45 to win. The sway of the pendulum was apparent - the climate of the United States was clearly intensifying and unsettling, particularly for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. Granted, many in these groups have an understandable mistrust and lack of faith in those in authoritative or political positions. The 2016 election and the subsequent current term has been rife with corruption, scandal, treason and ultimately proof that the electoral and judicial systems can be bought, sold or parsed out for nepotism-related rights. This happening on a world stage only demonstrates how this is duplicated on societal, municipal, provincial/state-wide and inter-personal levels. If results and proof of the theft of the 2016 election (by way of Russian interference, Cambridge Analytica involvement and social media mind control tactics) was not enough to make clear that the United States is not the democracy we once thought it was.

Astrologically, it is clear that the U.S. is set to face grave circumstances either way for the next three years until Pluto moves into Aquarius where there will be a major focus on handling debts, past lives/experiences and technology in a transformational way. Until then, Pluto will remove, eradicate, and be instrumental in the regeneration of the country. Pluto uses death as a means for transformation and rebirth and so we'll need to prepare what that means for us as borders, boundaries and benefits are redrawn for individuals, communities, families and countries.

EDIT: Before moving forward onto the prediction, we must remember that while Mercury went direct on November 3rd in Libra - the sign of justice, legal matters and the "other" - the day before the U.S. Election, it will still be in post-retrograde shadow, cleaning up contracts, agreements & commitments until November 19th which is when we will have the clear victor and once Mercury transits back into Scorpio, we've been relegated to the transformation that happens in the dark, behind the scenes where others are often not privy to our personal opinions on important matters like sex/gender, money/debt, life/death and ultimate renewal/retribution. Mars, the planet of war, strategy, assertion and ambition, in Aries, the sign of the pioneer and the me-first mentality, is still retrograde until November 13th, cleaning up the residue of unexpected outbursts, the inability to engage in certain power dynamics going forward or learning how to wield your sword and tongue more strategically. Mars will move out of the post-retrograde shadow and into Taurus in early January when the power dynamics seem to quell. Or at least we have hopefully learned from this extended six week turned six-month transit about our relationship to anger, control, power, authority, aggression, and sex. This definitely indicates that we won't have a result post-election for at least a week, but more likely a fortnight (two weeks).

Now for the prediction. My disclaimer is that it doesn't truly matter who will "win" the election because it won't be a win. The 2016 election was an indication that this "democracy" is not "of The People" and these next four years with Pluto rounding third base in Capricorn will still see the potential devastation of the lives of Black and Indigenous siblings the world over, communities of colour, Queer/Trans/Non-Binary friends, neurodivergent and those with limited mobility.

If Number 45 becomes Number 46 (which is extremely likely in my opinion), we know what can expect - to a point. Just like leading up to the 2016 election when regressing to overt prejudice and intolerance became commonplace, I believe we will see more of this.

If 45 does win, it is also possible that he expires in office leading the current Vice President to take his place which seems to present an even more clear alliance to the "old boy" organizations Number 45 finds hard to denounce.

If Biden wins, there will most certainly be a backlash from Number 45's supporters and/or aligned rebel groups (i.e., QA, NRA etc.). There could be a plot to unseat him if there is no other choice.

What I know is that these next three or four years will require people you can TRUST and have your back, those who will fight for what they BELIEVE in, a solid family bond - whether a family of origin or chosen family as those connections will help to hold and keep your wits about you - and RESOLVE that no matter what happens, change is always guaranteed. Continue to do your best to keep aligning to your purpose and path and keep challenging yourself to evolve and grow through your past and present pain - it is how you strengthen your heart & soul. A strong heart, soul and holding each other close is what it will take to move through these next few years.

Be safe, well and know you're loved by Spirit.

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